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Harness Re-sheathing

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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Hi guys,

I am looking into modifying and re-sheathing my existing OEM harness, for some new sensors and slight modifications but keeping the stock routing mounts and main splices.

Since it's in pretty good shape, and to keep efforts contained, I would try to avoid de-pin and re-pin everything just to add the new sheathing.

I know that this is not the optimum way to go, but it's really the reasonable for my application at this point.

Are the any hints for a sheathing material that can me assembled over a terminated harness?


their are plenty of options for this application, whilst not as ideal as the shrink wrap or classic expandable braid their is an abundance of split braid options. depending on the exact application, a combination of split braid and quality loom tape is usually fine. whilst in motorsport we try to stick to a higher standard, many oem manufacturers use a combination of split conduit and tape, and if done properly will last the life of the car.

Just remember to tape the branches carefully, and use a few more cable ties in areas that need extra support.


Any particular products and sources in mind?

I came across https://www.techflex.org which seems to offer a big variety, as well as https://www.mcmaster.com/heat-shrink-tubing which looks somehow interesting, but I didn't manage to find a source in EU.


I use a combination of the split conduit and tesa tape 51036 for repairing\refreshing OEM looms


Fabric split loom like Russel's Wrap-It line and Tesa tape. I'm pretty sure Techflex as mentioned earlier has a product similar to the Russel gear (Russel probably just re-brands it anyway) since you're in Germany.

I had a crazy concern lately on the same topic and i would appreciate some input.

Would shrinking DR25 over OEM wiring be critical for melting the wire insulation?

In theory, the recovery temperature of the DR25 is higher than the random OEM spec wiring, but does the heat really gets to the wires during recovery?

I believe that this should be OK, but I would appreciate some opinions based on experience.


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