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Help with my RB30DET R32 Build

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Hey guys,

It's my first time building a full harness for my RB30, everything is built by me so I signed up to the coarse and started planning. I've got a list of all my sensors and inputs, I was just wondering where shall I add the CAN inputs and also what sensors ect have I missed. I am also unsure of if I should include the gearbox wiring (r33 5sp) and im not sure where or if the harness needs to connect to the oem fusebox. Some help would be great. Attached is the current plan. Thanks!

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Crap! Sorry, I missed this one, will have a good look and give you a proper reply a little later in the day. Looks like an awesome project though!

A little later today.. haha

Holy crap, I really, really thought I replied to this! I was helping someone out with a similar R32 build on facebook, I must have gotten confused.

Couple of thoughts:

Using the OEM Cam sensor on a twin-cam RB30 build can be problematic. The extra unsupported belt length tents to result in a lot of belt whip, which sets up a harmonic which accelerates and decelerates the cam / position sensors at particular rev-ranges. This can cause havoc with aftermarket ECU's. I'd investigate a Crank trigger kit, and use the OEM cam sensor with a new trigger disc as a sync input. At the least, I'd look at one of NZ Wirings trigger replacement kits.

I'm pretty sure the OEM knock sensors have one of their pins connected to the body of the sensor, where it attaches to the block. This makes them less than ideal for an aftermarket ECU setup, as you cant keep your sensor ground and power ground circuits separate. I'd look at swapping out to some bosch knock sensors, MSEL sell good ones.

I'm not super familiar with the R32 dash / interior wiring, but at a minimum you're going to want to send an engine speed signal to the dash? Its common on cars of that era to have the gearbox mounted speed sensor interface with the dashboard. The speedo runs from this signal, and outputs a signal back to the ECU. This goes for cars with a speedo cable too (I think the R32's are still cable driven?). Often the gauge cluster will output a speed signal to the OEM ecu, so you might be able to use this for your speed input.

Build looks tidy though! I like the engine bay colour :-).