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High Resistance on ground wire.

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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I want to ask something. I have golf mk5 1.9 tdi. The ground wire that comes from the ECU to the MAF sensor have high resistance it shows 11.5 when i measure with multimeter on 20K ohms. That is pin 5 on the maf sensor connector shown on the picture. Is that a problem and what should i do to resolve this.

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Since the ground is on Pin3 according to the documentation in your picture, why don't you check the resistance between ECU ground and MAF connector pin3?

Thank's for the advice. It turns out that a fuse is on the wrong place. Fuse 29 was on position 30 in fuse box from the driver side. And for that reason pin 2 don't have 12v. Maybe i wasn't enough clear when i explained the problem. Thanks again for the advice.

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Kire Zafirov