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Honda K24 Connector Pins

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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Good day guys,

I am working on a Honda K24 project that will be fitted to an EK3 civic shell. In order to keep cost down, like Zac suggested in the course, I want to reuse as many of the OEM body connectors as possible, just changing the pins with new ones on the new harness I am constructing. I am however having a hard time sourcing only the pinks for the connectors....everywhere I've seen online is selling the entire kit....anyone know where I can get just the required pins?

Also on the topic of pins, I am going to be needing AMP super seal 1.0 pins as well and having a hard time sourcing these in small quantities for just one harness build. Any suggestions here?


Where have you tried?

Here is Ballenger Motorsports list of K24 connectors. If you drill into the kits (look at associated parts), you will see the individual pins (but I would just buy new connector kits). One reason for that is often there are multiple supplier of the connectors bodies, and you need the mating terminals. Might as well get both together so you know it will all work.


For example, here is the map sensor connector and it's terminals and seals.


If you are talking about more OEM many-pin chassis connectors, you might just need to splice if you can't get the pins.

Hi David, thanks for that.

Any suggestions for the AMP super seal pins?

Those are so common, I figured you would google them.


You can also get those connectors and terminals from Prowire USA:


Sorry David, still a bit new to this all. Thanks for all the help really appreciate it!

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