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How to wire 2 master shut off switches?

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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I am wiring an endurance car and would like to have 2 master kill switches, one for belted in driver and one accessible to safety workers outsidevehicle.

Currently have the 1 near driver which is a 4 post to also isolate alternator and need to add another (2 post switch) on passenger side near window opening.

i have been thinking about how to wire this and whether to go thru 2 post first from battery then onto the 4 post but have gotten myself confused and need some help!

both switches need to be able to kill the vehicle independently


Paul Weeks

Just wire them in series with each other.

Another way that works is if only one switch is an actual electrical switch. And the second 'switch' is just a pull cable attached to the main switch.

But I'd suggest looking into a solid state isolator. Then your two switches will just be low current and you won't need to run high current cables throughout the car. And the extra cost will easily be offset by the reduced time spent on installation. Not to mention how much it will simplify and reduce the number of large gauge connectors and wires in your system. Check out the Cartek GT battery isolator, price is good and installation is easy.

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