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How to wire in a guild level sensor

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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EDIT: Title should ready Fluid not guide!

Hi all,

Firstly I’d like to say I’ve really been enjoying the watching the video content. I’ve been busy documenting my engine loom and have been looking forward to starting construction!

I have two fluid tanks I intend on mounting level sensors into and would like to have my M6000 ecu control the input and output of the level sender. I am considering ordering the following senders. Would they be suitable to use? One tank will have 2-stroke oil for my OMP, the other water/methanol mix for my water injection.


secondly, what is the best way to wire these into the system?

can I power the sensors with 5V+ or 12V+ and ground via ecu with either and injector, aux, or digital?

I also want the ecu to switch on an LED warning light once fluid level is low. Should this be set up in the same way?

What is the best way to wire these in?

thanks in advance for your help!

Those are switches not level sensors. They are intended to switch on/off a pump to keep a tank at a specific level.

sorry i should have been more specific.

I want them to switch an LED on or off via my ECU to indicate when the tank is at low level… i also want the ecu to limit boost when they are switched and the tanks are low but thats a different topic