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IAT sensor location - intake or intercooler pipping?

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I have read many mixed reviews online but where would be the best place to mount an IAT sensor on a SR20DET?

I plan on mounting it as close to the throttle body as possible (see attached) on the intercooler pipping but is it more beneficial/accurate to mount it on the intake plenum AFTER the throttle body?


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I would just have a bung welded on the IC pipping, that is what i did on my old sr setup, and didn't have any issues.

It is kinda tricky thing- when it is located in the engine bay it is the subject for heat soaking and when it is attached to IC piping it cools down too much as the car accelerates. In both cases there is a room for error. What i've done with my IAT- I have installed it to IC piping outside of engine bay but covered it with isolation material to disable the effect of air cooling when accelerating. The other important thing is to minimize the difference in ID of IC piping and ID of throttle body to minimize changes in air temperature after IAT installation point.

ID = internal diameter?

If I am installing it as close as I can to the Throttle body, surely that won't be an issue. I can certainly see about building a shield for it. may not be too much hassle.

I would recommend to refer manufacturer location for IAT. It is possible the manufacturer has sensor at Compressor inlet. ECU can use this sensor to determine turbo compressor boundary conditions and operating conditions.

There was no IAT sensor on the SR20DET, or I would have. Well, as far as I know, no SR20DET came with OEM IAT sensors!