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IGN1A coils ( haltec )

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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Currently wiring up my first set of ign1a coils for a rx7 13B and have currently used for my power, 12awg tefzel branching to each coil 4x at 16awg then for my earths 12awg branching to 16awg. My question is, can I run 2 coils at 6x 16awg earths to a 12awg straight to engine block then repeated again for the other 2 coils?

Hope my photo helps explains better

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The last time I did a 13b I did 14 awg back to each rotor housing and then I believe it was 18 awg to each coil. Car ran into the 20 PSI's at peak boost and was happy.

I used a 12 awg to feed all 4 coils off a relay powered off the battery.

Keep in mind you want to the coils firing on rotor 1 grounded to the #1 housing and the coils firing on rotor 2 grounded to housing #2

I'm also not 100% sure based on your diagram but the trigger coil return or whatever you choose to call it should be returned either to sensor ground or ECU ground depending on your ECU manufacturer's recommendation.

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