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Knowing which sensors should be shielded.

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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There seem to be many exceptions to the shielded wire rule for sensors. I understand that cam and crank sensors should be shielded, but is there a list of sensors that should and shouldn't be shielded? What about a MAP sensor?

Cam, crank and knock are about all that is typically shielded in 99% of aftermarket ECU installs.

While I don't disagree with Adam, my rule of thumb is that if its mission critical for the position of the crank (cam/crank) or if its a fairly high frequency speed sensor (turbo, individual wheel, etc) then I chuck shielded cabling at it. I don't, however, tend to shield my knock sensors though I tend not to use them very often in my installs and I could totally be mistaken in this.

I also tend to use it for any CAN I'm distributing but that's more for convenience than anything.

thanks. Definitely going to do cam and crank, I don't have a knock sensor yet, but I'm going to add in an extra shielded pair through the harness just in case. No wheel speed sensor on this car, but yeah, any hall effect sensors will get shielded. I don't think there's any other trigger-type sensors in this harness.

Hi guys, Im designing a loom and I thought I had all the wiring figured out, until I seen a shielded wire at the lambda sensor connector on the OEM loom that I'm using for reference. I had planned on only shielding the engine position sensors and knock sensor, so can anyone tell me is it essential to shield this? In the ECU pinout diagram it says the wire is 'Primary o2 sensor, sensor -1' The car is a b series honda with OBD2A wiring if it makes a difference

I have never shielded the wiring for the Lambda sensor. So it's not essential. Now, if your engine installation runs the lambda sensor between two coils, then perhaps for YOUR ENGINE it might be essential.

No the lambda wiring is nowhere near a coil as far as I can tell, but from looking online it seems that the wire only carrys a voltage 0-1V so maybe its just highly succeptable to noise?

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