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Link ecu engine harness general beginner questions

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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i have a link thunder ecu and i'm trying to make an engine harness for a 2jz in an r32, i have purchased the club level wiring course and am finding it quiet useful however this is my first time attempting a harness and i'm so overwhelmed by it all so rather then continue to hassle people i thought i would ask here to see if i could gain a little more knowledge, although the questions i have may have been covered in the video, for whatever reason i probably haven't picked up on them or the info just isnt sticking.

so far i have ran rope from the ecu mounting point through my engine bay and have began labeling where which branch point will come off and i have began labeling the wires on both of my fly looms, so i have made a reasonable start.

where can i find definitions of each wire on the header, i don't totally understand what most of them mean - EG which wires do i ground injectors with? are the two black earths in each header for a sensor or are they to ground the ecu to the vehicle? what is di1 and di2? i'm looking at header pinout in the help section of pclink but still not getting it.

i have read the quick start guide aswell on link website ect but i'm still confused, if anyone can give me any general information they think will be helpful i'd appreciate it.

You'll want to power each injector from the same 12v source as the ECU. Each injector is grounded via the injector outputs on the ECU.

The Black wires in pins A34, B34, C26 and D26 are ECU earth wires to the engine block.

DI1, DI2 etc are digital inputs, switches ETC.

Before you start laying up your wiring harness it would be good to start by creating an installer IO sheet to decide exactly what you require.

I have attached my Connection document for my RX8 (still a work in progress) you will recognise from the Clubsport Course.

If you have a look at the ECU tab it will show you all 4 connectors.

If you follow the Destination it will take you to the correct connector pin on the associated device.

Hope this helps.

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There is a whole section of the help file on wiring. Wiring Information > Power and Ground Wiring will show you how the power supplies, grounds and various relays are done. Injectors, ignition drives and Aux outputs are covered in Wiring Information > Output Wiring. Analog inputs, digital inputs, triggers and knock is covered in Wiring Information > Input Signal Wiring.

Also, I will attach a generic basic 4 cyl wiring diagram to give you a better idea how it all comes together.

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As for "definitions of pins":

Inj 1 = Injector 1 - output to injector #1.

Ign 1 = Ignition 1 - output to coil or ignitor #1.

Temp * = Analog Temp input - coolant, oil and air temp

AN Volt * = Analog voltage input - use for pressure/TPS etc.

DI * = Digital input - use for on/off devices such as high/low boost switch, as well as frequency devices such as wheel speed or flex fuel.

Aux * = Auxilary output - idle valve, trigger for fans, fuel pump etc. Some have special functions for example only Aux 5-8 can do stepper motors - check the IO sheet.

Most of the odd abbreviations on the C connector are for the lambda sensors.

TC+/- on D connector are thermocouple inputs (EGTs)

Ground = Power grounds

Gnd Out = sensor grounds.

Shield/Gnd = sensor grounds or shield grounds.

your replies are really useful, thankyou!

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