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Maxx ECU to SR16VE jumper harness help required

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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Hi all,

This is my first time doing any bit of serious wiring. I’m making a jumper harness between a maxx sport and a SR16ve and have some questions.

1. The ECCS relay is triggered by ground from oem ecu. Maxx is not capable of this, only 5v outputs. Do I need to install a relay to switch the eccs to ground?

2. Distributor wiring. How does this get wired to the maxx? I have the reference signal assigned ignition1, but confused where to put the rest of the wires. Pins 109, 47, 48.

3. 34 key switch, where does this get assigned to on maxx side?

4. Where does pin 109 12v feed go to? Or will the loom receive 12v from when the key switches on?

I have attached both Nissan and Maxx diagrams. I have the loom completed apart from these things I’m stuck on would be much appreciated if someone could shine some light on this.

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