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need help identifying a connector

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Hi all

i want to rebuild the wiring harness of a old kawasaki motocycle. I can`t say for shure which exact brand and model it is.

I made some pics which may be helpfull to say more. Sorry for the bad quality.


When the connector is identified i would like to learn how to unpin this terminals best and where i could buy some ( at best in europe / germany ).

Your help is very apreciated.



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hi klaus

i checked the pictures and i think i can help you getting the connectors. i need little time to search in my connectors databse.



Hi Ebrahim, that would be really nice!

But take your time as this is a long term project of mine. So no need to hurry :-).

Thanks in advance:



Here is two links for your connectors. (4 and 8 position accordingly)

Furukawa 8 position

Furukawa 4 position

They do international shipping and kit contains terminals, seals and locks.

Thanks Grisom,

thats a good hint! Want to see if i can get the terminals and seals alone because i would like to do some test crimps to get a reliable result. But at least now i can source the complete connector. Thanks a lot!

They do sell terminals and seal alone as well.