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OEM Connectors and General Info on 1992 RX-7 FD 13B

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Hi Guys

Afternoon guys, i have just had a customer drop an ignition coil loom off for a so called repair. I have said i will only make a new one, so the questions are:

1. should the wires be shielded on the ECU trigger wires

2. what are the genuine part no. for the 2 pin Connectors that fit to the coils

3. also part numbers for the Socket terminals and Rubber grommets

I will want genuine part numbers as I will buy in baulk for Mouser or Digi-Key

1992 Mazda FD RX-7 13B - Single turbo Conversion

Thanks in Advanced, Liam.

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G'day Liam. Can't help you with the oem number for the coil connectors, you'll need to do your own research on that one. I'd start with the Sumitomo and Yazaki connector ranges. Shouldnt be too hard to match up, as having the retaining clip in-line with the two pins (not on top) is slightly unusual, so should stand out.

The ecu trigger wires wont be in that small harness, they'll be in the harness that's going to the ignition module, mounted on the side of the engine bay. That harness is only handling the larger coil primary current. On early RX7's this harness was shielded to prevent noise radiating out, but they stopped shielding it mid 1994, must have determined it wasn't really needed.

FD's can be a killer for noise issues though, due to some shitty grounding from the factory. The original engine to body ground strap bolts to brackets, that then bolt to the engine. As the interface between these brackets and the engine, or body vibrates or corrodes, you get issues. They actually released a service bulletin about it ages back. Best thing you can do it move the ground connection points to the engine block itself, and the vehicle body itself.

Hi Zac

Thank you for your speedy reply, I have found out that Toyota Supra use the same connectors and they are commonly used and readily available.

On the AWG side of things I have counted the strands of the wire that was originally used and I have 0.16 x 19, I am getting mixed info some AWG charts saying 0.16 x 19 is 22 AWG some saying 20 AWG but I vaguely remember you saying in that rule of thumb for Coil wire should be 18 AWG. I Have Shielded/Screen Spec 55 M22759-32 in (24 AWG,22 AWG) and all other AWG wire in normal spec 55 M22759-32 (24,22,20,18,16 AWG). for the Earth Straps I will renew once I have access to the vehicle.

on the other note i would like to say thank you for your knowledge. I have become more confident in my work practices, following your Wiring courses.

you must hear this a lot but, I will miss your videos. I understand we all have to move on to different things. hope all goes well and most of all enjoying it and having fun. Good Luck.

Regards Liam