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Hi everyone,

Given that we are talking about a "club level" build and given that the OEM loom is in good shape, with enough length to interface with the new components without extensions, how about just cutting the OEM loom open to remove any unnecessary and adding any new wires needed?

This would save most of the crimping / pinning on one side, reduce the time and budget needed and keep OEM quality stuff all around the engine bay.

I can see that re-seathing might be challenging with most of the connectors or pins still on, but i think it's manageable with some attention.

Would you reasonably question the wire size and quality of the OEM loom? Is there any other objection?

Depending on how much you are stripping from the loom or might just make sense to remake it from the start.

It's probably more of a personal call.

What's the goal you're trying to solve for? Are you trying to just slim up the harness by removing unnecessary components and then resheathing it? What're you trying to do with the loom that the current stock OEM one isn't doing?

It's more or less an ECU swap to an aftermarket with a Logger/Dash integration.

Mostly OEM sensors and practically no mods on the engine.

If your OEM harness is in good shape, then absolutely it can be a great way to get a good base and modify from there for your needs.