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oldschool vintage rally car connectors - please help identify them

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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hate to be that guy...

Can somebody please point me in the direction where to source these connectors?

the black connector has absolutly no company logos etc. on it

the other connectors are made by SGE / RKG, company is called VMI today

on their website I can only find 2 pin housings with that style

on the internet I found one or two sources with only one style of housing (which I don't need) and one colour

I would need a lot of them in different configurations, so one single source would be awesome.

thanks in advance!

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Hopefully someone can offer some direction on sourcing these for you, however I'd seriously consider replacing these with the likes of DTM/DT/DTP connectors. They'll almost certainly be more reliable and easier to source.

Hey man, thank you for your input!

Of course this would be the easy way which also adds a significant upgrade to the loom.

As this is from a collectors vehicle with rally history (and the person owns more then one), he is asking to copy the old loom as exact as possible to fit it onto other cars of the same area and builder. Therefore I am going trough the hassle of hunting them down :)

The loom I have in my hands is the last original one in existence. Feels pretty special, I never dealt with historic rally cars :)

To track them it is probably best to look back at the cars history. Finding the location of the original builder and what period it was built in would give some clues.

What car is it and when / who built it?

Patrick, Hi,

Ive had quick google and found these guys in France;


They seem to have been around then and made connectors; I believe on the site it mentions some of there other brands the likes of Molex?

I understand the need for classics to keep the original wiring/parts but as mentioned above if the car is to be used in any for a competition I would suggest having a full loom made for those events etc and have everything else stored for when it becomes a collection piece only.


Hello Dave,

first of all, thank you very much for your answer!

I was not updating the thread in the last days, but thank you very much for the hint anyways!

I also found out about vmi-31, and I also managed to dig trough very very old printed Peugeot and Citroen catalogs. Some connectors, like the ones from vmi-31 / SGE / RKG are still available via Peugeot and Citroen part dealers, so I find a lot of what I need

The connectors with the 2 part housing are still very very hard to get a hold off.

I found out that SEIMA had a patent on them, the patent then hes been given to Molex LLC. (still have to contact them and I also have the patent with the technical drawings of them)

I found the inner housings/shells for the 4 and 6 pin connectors of this style listed in a Citroen part catalog.

The have the part numbers 79 03 097 239 and 79 03 097 233, but I have not found any pin's or outer shells.

Chances are that these connectors had been used on older models like the 505. But these part catalogs or on oldschool microfilms and I have found none till now. I really have to find an local Peugeot/Renault mechanic or collector from this era to show them the items in person. :)

I am totally with you, but the customer really wants to have it as original as possible. He is willing to go a similar route you have mentioned if there is absolutly no possibility to get them, but I still try to track them down.

I am also already thinking of using pins like Deutsch DT and do the inner shells and housings with a stereolithography printer :)


Hello Brian,

Thank you for your input.

The car is a original Peugeot 205 Group A car, built by Peugeot Sport back in the 80's.

A collector of those cars contacted me and gave me the last, original spare loom in existence and wants me to copy them as good as possible for other cars in his collection.

Contacting Peugeot Sport them self is still on the list, but before I do that I want to do my homework :)

Had a hunt and only found what you already know. Problem with things like this is that there were probably boxes full of these in a workshop gathering dust and someone chucked the lot in the bin since they are superseded.

Sounds like a serious cool project so I wish you luck.

Just had a quick look at the pictures, I think a couple of those connectors where used on older BMW’s so I will check the catalogue at work tomorrow!

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