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So in rewiring my 97 Mitsubishi Eclipse I want to build an engine harness and a dash harness at the same time. I have eliminated many of the circuits as it's mainly a weekend track toy like A/C, Heat, Cruise, windshield washers, ABS, Airbags, etc. In one revision many years ago I moved the engine bay fuse and relay box into the cabin. Now after taking the course it makes a lot of sense to simplify the entire system as I have two relay and fuse boxes under the dash and a mile of wire running between them as one box may contain a relay that runs to the other for the fuse to that circuit. I have several concerns like tracing the circuits between both boxes as inside the cabin box it uses buss bars and not wire so it's difficult to trace, still having functioning turn signals, and finding pins for things like the gauge cluster if I do this. I would like thoughts and opinions on this. I was looking at this specific box to replace the two I have now.

Well I ordered the above box and just went for it since I didn't receive an answer. In my circuit design I'm going to retain many of the OEM circuits and just replace the wiring in them. For example the turn signal has it's own relay set up under the stereo. I'll just put it all back to OEM and move the relay to where I want it.

A guy on DSM Tuners did a nice strip job on his GSX and completely rewired his whole setup from the firewall using a single Autosport style connector so he could pull the engine in minutes. It was sick. You would have to look for that build circa 2008 I think but I'm sure there would be inspiration.

Here you go:


How about small world.. I checked out the thread and I've raced with that guy as he's from my area. He's super cool and his car is crazy clean. I'll have to PM him.. Thanks again.