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Power distribution design using a Bussman RTMR

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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Hi guys, I've taken the fundamentals course and the practical level course, both of which were a huge help in designing my first engine harness. I'm happy to say it's worked well, and has plenty of track miles on it with no issues. My next project is a full chassis rewire and I have some design questions that I'd like some advice on, the car is a Honda civic b16 so fairly basic. I'm using a Bussmann 15036, dual bussed. I plan on using it so the fuse is connected to the hot bus from the battery, this is then linked to pin 30 with a jumper, the relays are orientated so that pin 85 is connected to the second bus (neg) and my pin 86 is powered via my switch panel if this makes any difference.

Can I supply power to my injectors, distributor and IACV directly from a fuse with no relay? I know in the course Zac mentioned anything that draws more than 1A should be controlled by a relay, and I calculated my injectors take 1.15A each, the IACV takes 1.19A and the distributor I'm not sure about.

As I only have space for 5 relays, I'm trying to make it as compact and neat as possible.

i would highly recommend you fit a relay it can be used for multiple things together like coils iacv and distributor keeping in mind your total current draw

Regards Ross

Yeah I think I'm going to split the car into two systems and use two fuse boxes (the large bussmann isn't readily available), one to control engine and one for the lights, wipers etc. This will free up space and allow me to use two relays in the engine box to control injectors, distributor etc.

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