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power supply and relays

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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hi everyone,

I have a novice question(s):

for the enabled power relay in the diagram provided in the course are we using 1 relay only that will output to the ign coils, injectors, wideband, etc or do we have separate relays for each of the components which require power?


I am runing one relay for my coils injectors and other components that require switched 12v. The Fuel Pump runs a seperate relay as well as the Fans. Everything works fine but I plan to upgrade my harness and add extra relays to distribute the power.



Thanks Alsabaa!

you have cleared this up for me. I will probably go with a relay each for the fuel pump, coolant fans, ignition coils and injectors. i most likely will be using a link G4+ fury ecu so I may add a relay for the wideband heater. I'm still in the design phase so nothing is set in stone yet.

thanks again it was greatly appreciated


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