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Pricing up harness

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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Hi guy’s

just in after some thought on pricing up and how you all do it and what some of you would charge to do the following. As I have a client that wants me to quote this up for them to go in to a 6sec rotary drag car.

So will need


Boost Control

2 Step


Thermo fan?

Ignition (either MSD or M&W)

P&H injector driver box(es)



Line lock

Wideband (on board ecu)

Possibly gear control

thank you


Hi Mark it will depend on the type of materials used and length of the wiring used, what ECU you are using, and what your overheads are.

The general rule of business is, Cost of parts plus 40%, labour is 3x what you pay your staff just to break even, if you want to make a dollar then you have to charge more, unfortunately, The old saying "I will do a deal because it is something I don't do often" Will not make you a good business owner but may make you a good friend while the job is being done. when i had my large workshop i charged 15 hours for a basic harness fitted plus parts, now i see bills come in for out working the same job with better materials for around the 2k area. more complex jobs are upwards of 3k labour and 10-12k for the parts so it is a varied market. please do not do it cheap just to do it, that doesn't help the industry or you any good.

Regards ross

Thank you for the response Ross much appreciated

the client is supplying the parts, I’ve just got to build the looms and possibly install. I have generated a list of what they want done. The material I’ll be using are txl, braided sheathing and obviously the kapton tape and heat shrink. I’ll have to purchase most of these as I’m not stocked up yet so I should be able to work out the cost on the materials. Again thank you for the input

I dont mind sharing this. This is a spreadsheet I have been tracking the cost of my rebuild.

It includes tool cost, material costs as well as plugs etc that I have had to purchase along the way. Note somethings are not going to be overly valid but should give you an idea of cost vs minimum order qty.

Attached Files

Brian thank you mate muchly appreciated I’ll have a look over this arvo,

regards Mark

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