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Hey guys,

just looking at my Bosch fluid pressure and temp sensor and it requires a 4.6kohm pull up resistor on the Temp side. My Emtron KV8 only has a 1kohm switchable resistor on 6 channels. I have 16 channels so i have room to move, but i need to add a Pull up resistor in there.

What would be the neatest and best advice on adding a pull up resistor to 4 channels.

background info: my harnesses are fully sealed with DR25 and moulded boots. with m22759/32 wire.

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Acutally when i do my calculations if i leave the 1kohm Switchable one in there i get a good range of Voltage....

would it be safe to say that you're after 4.5-.5 volts for your temp sensor input? being a 5v system?

Thats just the standard bosch 026 resistance curve you have there so as you have found the built-in 1Kohm pull-up is perfectly fine for that. In fact the 4.7K would give you 4 times less resolution at the typical engine running temperature.