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Raychem Spec 44

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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Looking to possibly use raychem spec 44 is this a good alternative to TXL as it’s easy for me to get hold of in the UK.


What is your question?

Sorry is the raychem spec 44 good alternative to TXL

If in the UK get hold of IS-Rayfast. You will actually find if your not fussed about colour that white M22759 is cheaper then the Spec44 wire. Due to it's abundance and use by so many people.

I looked at all the colour options with Spec44 and M22759 and by far the White M22759 comes out on top. So all I use is white M22759 and coloured ident markers to make finding wires easy.


I'd like to jump in on this one. I've did a bit of research a while ago and came to simular conclusion, yet would like your input Chris @PEM. The MS22759/32 would be the same spec as TE's Spec 55, but without the 55A111 etc part number. The MS22759/16 would be the as Spec 44 but without the 44a111 etc part number. One can buy MS22759/32 made by TE from RS in the U.K. (in white only) for an astonishingly low rate.

IS RAYFAST / IS MOTORSPORT is a real PITA to deal with, no e-commerce website, no catalogues (with in date part numbers), all done via emails and thats a lot of typing for so many part numbers and no mention of the price breaks for quantity. I've often imported parts from U.S.A cheaper even after the VAT and import duty, which is hilarious. i obviously dont order enough from them.

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