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Relay identification Gtir

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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Hi all

On a Gtir:

Anyone know if the 'Eng control' and Auto choke relays are connected to anything? Struggling to get a solid answer.

Wiring diagram attached

Pic of relay box in question attached

Attached Files

Anyone in here?

Don't know. Your wiring diagram isn't clear enough to answer your question - there are some relays on the left-side (right side if correct side up) of your wiring diagram.

What do you think? What have you tried to identify what they might be connected to?

I have found out so far: in the wiring diagram attached the power supply circuit is not on it so these relays are not shown on it.

Engine control of it has no relevance on a gtir and its just the relay for the fuel pump.

The autochoke/bulb control relay is a 100ohm resistor for the alternator circuit as shown in the attached diagram.

Things i know so far, 2 wires go from the alternator to the relay box so making an assumption that, its this that it connects to.

Trying to figure out what is the purpose of this resistor and where i incorporate it,in my power/charging circuit.

Attached Files

I have looked into this further, a wire goes into the resistor(which looks like a relay) 100ohm 2w and the wore that comes out goes to the charge light.

Any ideas what the purpose of this is?

Would it be possible to replace it with an inline resistor?

It is the charge warning circuit for your alternator. It turns the alternator light on your dash if the alternator fails.

The bulb itself is not required but the resistor is.

The wiring diagram in your last post would suggest that the auto choke is engine specific. Being labelled as "E-G.S" Meaning from the legend the E10S engine, GA13DS, 14DS, 16DS engine.

Not sure if I have helped answer your question or not but will read your reply.

Yes you are correct,auto choke is not relevent for my engine sr20.

Yes you have, i will be keeping the resistor in the charge circuit but just changing it to an inline one so its not in my new relay box.

I have heard talk of, if the resistor is not in then the battery will only start getting charged once the even has been revved atleast once. Dont know how true this is so will juat keep the resistor.

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