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Relay to Battery connection on the FD3s

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i couldnt find this Information in the Harness Connection Sheet, therefore the Question:

Where do you actually connect all the Relays and Fuses to the Battery Positive Terminal?

The BATT Connector table states that it's connected to the GEP PDM Power Connector and the PWR Connector Table states that all the Rly30 Pins are Connected to the BATT Connector on the respective Pins but there is no information on where the final Connection to the Battery itself is made.

I was planning to use a ring Terminal on the OEM Relay Box next to the Battery and run a power wire inside the cabin to a dedicated EFI Relay/Fuse Box or later a PDM.


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Typically you'd do exactly as you've suggested and run the power supply to the relays directly from the positive terminal on the battery using a separate eyelet terminal.

Hi Andre,

thanks for the quick reply. Another Question on the Harness. Did you cut the OEM Connectors for the Front Harness and replaced them or did you use female connectors on the Harness itself to connect the ECM to the Front Harness. Any chance that you have a Wiring Diagram or some High Res Pictures of the finished Harness?