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Removing cast and/or keeping wires "parallel" help

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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Hey all, so i just spent about a half an hour trying to get all 10 of my ground wires to flow smooth and even, and only made it about 5" from the branch point lol.

Basically I'm trying to remove the spaghetti effect and not have lumps showing inside the sheathing from wires wrapping around each other.

You can see in the picture how they want to tangle themselves up due to the cast of being on the spool. But even after removing it they still don't want to settle evenly.

I'm sure there is a simple way to eliminate this problem that i cannot dig up with dozens of google searches. My last ditch effort is to ask for help from y'all!



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You will have to do a parallel twist (i.e twist the whole bundle).

Parallel twist will affect your measurements too though. Will a little heat relax the strain in the sheathing and let you pull them straight? Heat gun.

Thank you guys, I haven't put the sheathing on yet, i was trying to get the wires more uniform beforehand

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