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Replacing Fusible Links with...?

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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I am working on constructing a new harness for an early 90s Ford Mustang and there are fusible links in the factory harness. Is there a suitable, fuse type perhaps, replacement that can be used in place of the fusible link. I would hate to have to service the new harness should a link need to be replaced at some point in the future.

one way of doing this would be to use a 1 wire connector at the end of the fusible link with a corresponding connector on the harness you're building. if you then need to replace the fusible link, you would just need a new terminal to crimp onto the new fusible link and reuse the connector body.

Interesting idea...thanks!

Depending on current requirements I usually just replace fusible links with ring terminals and the requisite sized AMI/MIDI fuse holder as it gives you a range of about 30-200 amps and can be had in either a free hanging (least favorite, and usually for track side repairs) or panel mounted in a pretty compact size as compared to older fusible link boxes I usually replace.



Take your pick, or there are others that might have a better footprint.