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Resistor in the wiring loom

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On the documentation of my ECU Master ECU, they require me to install some resistors for certain sensors and the likes of their CAN-BUS Bluetooth Module.

As an example, on the wiring of the CAN-BUS Bluetooth module it states:

"For proper CAN-BUS operation, 120 Ohm resistors must be present on each end of the bus between CAN-H and CAN-L wires"

Does this mean I need to solder the resistors in-line with each wire, one on the CAN-H and one on the CAN-L? Or is there a better approach?



The resistor needs to go between the CAN-H and CAN-L signals close to the connector (within 500mm). Crimped with splices and covered with rigid adhesive-lined heat shrink is the standard way. I've also just crimped the connector terminals with the wire and resistor leg, and then potted the whole thing on the back of the connector.

I always terminate with either a DT or DTM (depending on topology and if I use other DT breakouts for the trunk) and use these:


There are other DT options but I only go that route if I'm going to use their molded splitters etc.

Thanks for the info David F!

David Guy, I am not sure I follow?