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s13 OEM CAS Amp draw

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

Relevant Module: Practical Wiring Harness Design Skills > Power Supply Design

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I would like to double check my understanding of the power supply wiring of the s13 cas. supplied voltage needs to be 12v(from enable power relay). measured ohm across positive and negative terminals is 4.92k/ohm meaning amp draw is 2.85mA. have I got something wrong here ? it seems extremely low amperage for the supplied voltage.

It's likely that the internal circuitry resistance is higher, thus raising the current draw, but it will still be in the mA range. Most 5V+ supply rails are limited to around 500~750mA total load.

I just checked a RB CAS which use pretty much the same circuitry and the Amp draw was 56.8 mA on 12V.

BlackRex does that mean it needs supply from 12V or 5V sensor supply? from what Ive seen its supplied with 12V

The Nissan CAS need supply from 12V

Correct, 12V+, my inclusion of the 5V current range was to illustrate that the sensors need only a small amount of current to operate.

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