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I'm actually making a loom for my m52tub28 turbo project (Vems standalone management)

Everything seems to be connected well on vems with original loom and patch to vems ecu connector so i m gonna build a loom with less wire (almost 7 sensors not needed on original loom and not needed on Vems) so for lighter loom and just to make in practice what i learned in your courses :)

I have taken a roll of shielded cable for cam intake cam exhaust and crank (do i need to run shielded cable to Tps also?)

But i figured out when i received it, it only have 2 wires inside and 24 awg, is it ok for signal and sensor ground and run an extra wire along for 12v feed (as my sensors are hall and 12v supplied)?

Or better to buy 3 conductors inside ? What awg? Do it need to be TXL wire also in shielded?

Thanks a lot for your answers ;)


Karltek Belgium

G'day Karl, sounds like a fun project!

Yes, you can run the power supply to your hall effect sensors separately, that won't cause you any issues. Infact, halls sensors are pretty immune to noise and could most likely be run without shielded cable at all, but I have a flat rule that engine triggering signals are always run using shielded cable.

No, I wouldn't worry about using shielded cable for your TPS. Any noise on that signal will be filtered away by your ECU quite effectively, and its usually quite a strongly driven signal, so the same EMI cause havoc on a knock sensor line (for example) wont effect a TPS signal line in the same way.

With your wire being 24AWG, you might have trouble crimping it into the required pins. Its completely fine to double your strip length and fold the bared wire back on itself to give you the correct amount of copper in the terminal for the crimp. Just make sure you strain relieve the rest of the wire to the connector, as 24AWG can be pretty fragile.

Thanks a lot !

Ive build a test loom with the aid of courses and i will crimp my connectors today :)

Will report for sure if it works ;)

Thanks for these courses ;)

Only a small last question, i bought some wire 0.35mm2 rated at 7 amps, 0.5mm2 rated at 11amps and 1mm2 rated at 16.5 amps, is it ok to run 0.35mm2 for most wire (small sensors) power supply, ground and sensor signal ( i dont make splice inside loom but inside fuse box) so 1 0.35mm2 wire for each sensor, no problem with that even with sensors 3m away from fusebox ?

Original loom was using very small sections for these sensors i hope it is well :0 ;)



It does really depend on the sensor, and how much current its going to draw, but 99.99999% of the time, 0.35mm^2 (22AWG) wire is more and adequate for sensor applications, infact, is huge overkill as far as the amount of current it will pass. I don't go smaller though, as the smaller wire gets a bit fragile and hard to make a reliable crimp to.

Hi Zac ;-)

Finally got all my connectors crimped (never use any shielded wire 24awg anymore it's not solid and really not practical to remove the wire from the shield without hurting the wire itself xD) but i think i get it done :)

I made a test fit and i'm pretty good for a first loom (of course i made some errors but everything is plugging nicely... only have some wire a little too long, but better than little too short xD)

We've finished the turbo oil drain to the pan, the feed, the water lines so... I'm hurrying of doing my fusebox parts to test my new loom on car and finish the car xD

Will shoot out some pics :)

Wish me good luck :]