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Shielded Wire Quality

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I purchased some shielded wire that was advertised as suitable for EFI trigger sensors however the shielding seems like very flimsy fine aluminium and isn't braided; just spiraled around the 2 cores. Is this typical of shielded cable or does this wire sound like sub-par quality cable?

G'day William.

If the shield is a foil wrapped around the two cables which completely encompasses them, then electrically the wire will still be fine and the shielding will do its job. What you need to look out for is the temp rating on the cable. If its PVC insulated, it'll melt the moment you get the head gun near it for shrinking boots or similar, and isnt really ideal. I usually use M27500 cable even for a club level harness, as I'm yet to find a nice TXL (or similar) insulated, shielded cable.