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Shortening Wideband Sensor or Controller wiring

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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I have been trying to figure out a way to cleanly integrate my dedicated link can wideband controller into the main engine harness. Is it possible intergrate the wideband wiring directly into the loom and then just have a plug in the bay that was say DTM6, then i could reterminate the original wideband cable into DTM6 and have it the perfect length. My only concern is are there any issues around calibrated wire lengths when it comes to LSU 4.9 wideband sensors.

You will want to keep the original LSU4.9 connector as there is a calibration resistor in the connector that is trimmed uniquely for each sensor. This allows the sensor to be swapped and the wideband controller can maintain calibration. You can shorten / lengthen / add connectors between the sensor connector and the controller.

That's what I was wondering about. Should they just be a matter of making an extension into for the wideband controller in the main loom and shortening the sensor cable

The Calibration resistor in the connector is calibrated including the wire to and from the sensor, cutting and splicing this wiring will change the resistance and skew to resulting values.

What about on the controller side of things, is that connector and its wires fair game. At worst i could just get a wideband sensor with a shorter cable, i just dont want to mount the controller in the bay and would rather have it integrated into the main harness with a connector inside the cabin.

From the connector to the controller, there isn't an issue with the wire lengths.

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