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Sizing wire for multiple low impedance injectors

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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Hey guys and gals,

I am planning a new engine harness for a 13b turbo and will be adding some extra injectors.

This engine will be running 6 x Siemens 220lb injectors (2 x primary, 2 x secondary & 2 x aux).

I am struggling to find information on current draw so i can plan my wire size and bulkhead configuration. I understand they are low impedance injectors and that they wont all be running maxed out together at the same time and i think they may each pull max 4A?

So whats an easy way to calculate for injector current draw for wire sizing?

Thanks in advance

You will only need 20 awg wire for each low-impedance injectors. You would use a larger wire where you splice multiple power leads together, but nothing too crazy (16 awg would be OK). While the injectors will draw several amps (3-5 typical) to open, the ECU should have "peak and hold" drivers, and will limit the current to about 1A after the first millisecond or so.

Hope that helps!

^ What he said.

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