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Splices\bus bar

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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I need to splice sensor supply and ground wires to my ecu but I already know I will have to make some changes to them in the future. What is usually done in cases where you need flexibility with low power stuff like sensors? Do you simply plan to redo the splice in the future or is using something like a bus bar or distribution block acceptable\reliable?

Completely depends on the application, location, and how many breakouts you're planning. If possible I always try to take exact dimensions of bits that I know are placeholder so I can build them to 95% on the bench and then quickly de-pin and replace the entire bit if possible.


Normally sensors supply are made without any bus bars, just a splice. If you have a plan to rewire your setup - just add additional length to your splice points so you can then easily make changes in the future.

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