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Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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Hi. I’m in the UK and building a club spec harness. Is there any recommendations for a supplier or TXL, DR25, splices etc?


Hi Aj,

I tend to use:




Watch out for the packing charge; better to make a large order when you need a bunch of stuff.

Thanks for that. I’ve had a look at those sites and feel like it’s a minefield, I’ve no idea what products to look at. I’m looking for TXL wire to start with and nothing makes sense on these sites. I can’t find anything that’s simply ‘TXL wire’. Am I just being stupid or do I need to look for particular specs in UK language?

TXL is a US standard (SAE), you will unlikely get it in the UK. You will probably have better luck finding a DIN or BS equivalent (if there is such a standard).

Something like FLRY-A is pretty similar to TXL.

Thank you Adam. What are the properties of TXL to make it the choice for automotive? Just so I know what properties to look for in respect of a uk spec wire. I know temperature is one aspect.

In each of the standards there will be all kinds of specific elaborate requirements such as low temperature crack resistance etc, but the main ones that you will want for a basic motorsport harness is thin wall insulation and the highest temp rating possible. The melting point of the insulation material is what determines the max current capacity. Be aware they all have different methods for specifying the temp rating too. Some specify just a max exposure temp, some others it must survive the rated temp for 3000hrs etc.

After a couple of google searches, I’ve narrowed down some options. These being XLPE & ETFE as insulation types. The XLPE is the lesser spec (and half the price of ETFE) with a temp rating of 125 degrees. Will this be a suitable choice of wire? My next option is to just use milspecwiring.com for everything and pay $100 for shipping to save the hassle.

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