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Supplying Power to Fusebox

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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Hey guys,

Just about to start a full chassis rewire on a 180sx using this fusebox and was after opinions/ideas on how best to supply power/earth to all the relays in the neatest way possible.



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I think your best bet will be "daisy chaining" common Terminal 30 Power, and high-side and low-side common as required. Basically, you will crimp two wires into a spade terminal with a few inches of wire between successive terminals. The other choice is a big crimp/splice from the main power feed to one wire for each Terminal 30 Power. The advantage of that is you can use the correct size wire for each terminal instead of needing to use a larger wire since the early segments have to carry all the current for the relay farther down the line.

Thanks heaps David. I've decided to go with your second suggestion so my new predicament is how best to splice 15 lengths of 10 awg wire to 00 awg power feed from my kill switch. I'm struggling to find the correct open barrel splice if such a splice is actually available.

The neatest way is to use a fuse/relay box with the common bus. For example Bussmann 15303-2 15303-3 15303-6 or 15401 15402 15403 if you need more cavities.

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