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Terminating ECU connectors first or last

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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in the course Zac terminated the ECU connectors pretty much at the end of the whole process.

I made the experience that for me it is easier to build a tidy harness by terminating the ECU connectors first and then do all the individual connectors at the end.

Is there a general consensus which way around you go about or is it just personal preference, after all?

What to you guys think?


I always build a harness, then terminate last.

I'd be with Bram on this. I get the harness wires in place, trimmed to length, bundled, branched, sheathed and labelled, then terminal to the connector pins and bodies.

The reason I to the engine bay side first, is that its usually easy to determine which wire goes into which pin, because of the basic colour scheme, and each branch not having that many wires in it. Then when your toning out the harness to find the right wires at the ECU end, you its often easier to probe the engine bay side harness connector pin, than a bare section of wire.

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