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Trying to find which terminals to buy

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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Hi all, I’m looking for male crimp terminals to use in a plug that will copy this ecu ( Mitsubishi Gto). The plug will be 3D printed so I can adjust the design to suit where the terminal clips in. The pins are all 0.4mm thick. The narrow ones are 0.8mm wide and the wide ones are 1.4mm wide. They are all about 7mm long. Anyone got any ideas where to look? Thanks


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G'day Pete. My memory is a little foggy, as the Mitsubishis I play with a bit older than the GTO (their predecessor, as it were), but I think those are a TE multilock connector housing. There are lots of different versions however, if you have a good hunt around one TW's website you might find some male terminals that will work.

Hi zac,

Thanks for the reply! I made an interesting discovery that might help. The Gto ecu housing, plugs and pins are identical to the obd1 version of ecu used in hondas! I looked on TE and so far found the 26pin male housing for female pins (pn 368136-6) and the pins seem to be the 040 and 070. Sure I can easily find the other 2 plugs too. Thanks for the help! One last thing- I was looking to see if they do the counterpart plug to the one above for male pins and couldn’t see anything. Any ideas? I can 3D print if not but thought it may save potential sizing errors etc if they are off the shelf and I’m just searching in the wrong place! Thankyou


What do you actually want? The ecu header plug? The 3 plug Multilocks are common as shit, used in a huge range of jap cars, Mitsti, Mazda, Honda, Subaru, etc. You can also use the even more common 76pin version which just has a 4th plug that you wont use.

DIYbob might be a good option if you want to breakout via PCB: https://www.diyautotune.com/product/diybob-breakout-adapter-nippondenso-76-pin/

Or if you want to solder/pot, here is a UK supplier of the bare 64pin: https://rrrshop.co.uk/collections/ecu-headers/products/toyota-mazda-3-plugs

Or UK bare 76pin: https://rrrshop.co.uk/collections/ecu-headers/products/four-plug-subaru-toyota-mitsubishi-mazda

I was originally thinking of plugs as in the photo below so I could make a fully crimped patch lead to plug into the aftermarket ecu at one end and factory harness at the other. These were what I was going to 3D print but I was asking if they were available off the shelf first. But I can make the headers as posted above work by soldering wires on and figuring out a way to pot the back of it. Thanks very much for that! One step closer to standalone!

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