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Turbosmart Ewastegate control

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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Hi I have a twin turbo lq4 VH commodore with twin electronic progate50’s and a haltech nexus R5, also fly by wire throttle so the R5 can only run the throttle and one gate so I’m a like lost and can’t decide if I get a turbosmart blackbox to control both gates but they seem to have a lot of wires going to them 32 from memory, or I can use a haltech dcmd to control one gate, seams funny in my head to run one off the R5 and the other off the dcmd just me tho or James from haltech NZ said to use a pd16, but seams a little over the top to me, maybe in the future I mite redo the factory wiring and run the whole car off the R5 and pd16 but let’s face it if I don’t have a problem with the factory stuff I won’t fix it…. So just wondering what you guys think would be the best way to control them? Dcmd is the cheapest and pd16 dearest but I’ve spent a lot on it now so don’t mind spending it in the right places.

ps I’m just at the end of the Clutha river if you guys want to wire it for a lesson instead of me struggling lol

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If the control strategy remains the same with all your options, and you would only be changing how the result signal is amplified and applied to the gate, then I think I would decide based on future plans for the car. If the blackbox control method is more or less capable than letting your ECU control it, perhaps that's a key factor.

If you might want to add anything in the future that needs solid state relay control, or might want a PDM in the future anyway, then I think you might as well get a PDM now rather than paying for a single driver module which is less cost effective down the road. If you haven't run a PDM before, I think it's also a great learning experience and once you have one, you'll think of cool stuff to do with it.

Just my thoughts...please let us know what you decide!

I think the Turbosmart Blackbox gives you just what you need -- support for two wastegates from a single ECU PWM control output. Or you might be able to do better with sending a CAN message of the requried boost limit, and let the Blackbox internal PID (pre-programmed for the progate50s) control them. They extra pins / wires are for optional channels that you may want in the future (wastegate temperature and position). If not included in the progate50's I would wire for them so if / when you want to add that, it's just plug it en.

Thanks guys I think I’m going to go with the black box seems to make the most sense budget wise and it’s make by the same people that make the gate’s

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