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Two CAM sensors - 2 core, 3 core or 4 core shielded?

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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Hi everyone,

Starting work on a 1UZ engine loom at the moment. I'm trying to reduce any bulk in the loom and also be efficient with the pin count on the firewall plug.

Ultimately I'd like to use a 3-core shielded cable for the two cam sensors, splitting out into short lengths close to the sensors. (Cam 1, Cam 2, shared sensGND). Is this acceptable? or is 4 core required? (Cam 1, Cam 2, sensGND 1, sensGND).

I'd also like to do the same with the two knock sensors.

I would've originally done it with multiple 2-core cables, but that costs more and adds weight/bulk.


It is indeed more costly and more of a hassle, but because of the risk of cross-triggering from inductive affects I'd suggest a minimum of 4 wire, shielded.

Preferably 2 separate 2 wire runs.

You may be fine with a 3 wire with a common ground, but why take the gamble for a few dollars.

I say try it as see. But be prepared to completely replace it if necessary due to issues you can't resolve. I bet it will work fine.

Thanks for the feedback. I realised that I won't need to use both cam sensors anyway so I can stick the usual twin core for this one.

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