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Urgent need of altezza 3sge wiring diagrams

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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All what im getting online are japanese. I need some help getting a hold of wiring diagrams for this sxe10 altezza rhd. Doing a elite 1500 install but i need the wiring diagram to combine with existing harness. Any help would be greatly appreciated

This may help you, I have factory diagram in english but its at the workshop. Let me know if you need a copy


Hey greatly appreciated, if yuh can send the factory manual please do... saleem.khan1903@gmail.com

the cam sensors if im using the elite 1500 do i need to configure both or can i jus run of one and the crank sensor bcuz the elite only has one cam signal

On the Link Monsoon, Link have the exhaust CMP wired to Digital input 1-4, I know its odd wiring an analogue sensor to a digital input but who I am I to argue. Don't know if the Elite 1500 can do this aswell. Would be more beneficial to make use of it so the ECU can be more precise in it's control over the Exhaust VVTI solenoid.

Got that diagram today too so I'll send it through to ya.

Judging from what im seeing the elite has 2 shielded wires one for crank signal and one for cam signal, both are analogue signals and will use the crank trigger wires, for the vvt sensor i am guessing i cud use a twisted pair wire and run as a extra sensor and configure it as such. I attached the haltech diagram for reference

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Looks like you have 4 Speed inputs there (SPI 1-4), use one of them, I'd prob change the wiring to a shielded twin core so you can run sensor positive and negative inside the shield. Someone else maybe able to comment if they have run sensor ground external of the shield and as had good results.

Either way the Haltech will be able to support the CMP EXH sensor.

Got those diagrams here will send them through soon

Diagrams should be in your inbox

Yeh spi was the choice for me. Thanks alot for your help. If i need assistance i will contact you bro. U saved my life

so ive so far come up with these for the ecu connectors. any guidance from this point would be greatly appreciated.i used the excel sheet as a prelimanary guide to set up ths far, it still has some fine tweaking to do

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