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Using multi conductor cable

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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Has anyone ever considered using pre-made multi conductor cable for stuff that doesnt need to be shielded from places like moser or digi key? TE and raychem both sell a pre made stranded cable. I used to used it at a sand rail shop but that was pretty simplistic setup.

I've used a myriad of non-twisted and non-shielded multiconductor cable for ease and speed of installation. The big issue is what the temp and chemical ratings are for a given environment.

A mate of mine added in a multicore "trailer" cable for my rear lights in the corolla. I have used it when wiring the back of the car for exactly the reasons you pointed out ease of use etc etc. Not going to go that way in the engine bay as the temperature rating is not high enough and the cable size is very bulking when compared to the TXL harness I am building.

It is an interior cable running from dash to boot so not exposed to the elements but has sheathing for abrasion which is the added bonus.

As mentioned, it depends on the environment as most multi core wire isn't as robust as something using Reychem shrink tubing. A couple of points to be mindful of; multi core wont be as flexible due to the amount of pvc insulation, make sure the current capacity is more than adequate for peak current draws as multi core cable tends to be on the thinner side and if a wire does rub though you'll have to replace the lot or piggyback another cable.

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