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VvT cam sensors

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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I am looking into wiring up a standalone ecu on a mustang 3.7L v6 engine. The engine has 4 cam positions sensors. 2 on each bank of cylinders. 1 on inlet and 1 on exhaust side. So 4 in total.

I have been looking into the ECU Master Black for this engine and it says it can run V6 engines fine with 2 vvti cam control channels. Does this only mean control of the inlet side or can it do outlet (exhaust valves) too.

any information will be great

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I would think you need an ECU that can control 4 cams? Make sure each cam is actually controllable in your engine (some of the 3.7L duratec's only controlled the two intake cams). Does your engine have 4 cam control solenoids, or only 2?

I believe it has 4 from images I’ve seen online. but I need to double check if the engine has exhaust cam control solenoids or if it’s just a position sensors.

I have checked the cams have 4 solenoids.

any recommendations on ecu. Do I stay with factory ecu or go standalone. I have the old wiring harness for the engine but will need to modify due to relocation of ecu etc… as it’s going into a Ginnetta G55

or do I go standalone ecu and build a new wiring harness. Also it is a budget sensitive project as am rebuilding the whole car from race to GT road spec

IIRC, all of the Ginetta G55's came with a MoTeC M150 from the factory, if this is the ECU in the vehicle, then it will support that engine.

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