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What do you think? My second harness

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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This is my second harness i build can you say what you think about this harness and layout and what i can do better. You can see in my paint drawing how its routed (the blue) and where power and ground is. And a picture on the board with ecu, fuseblock, terminal block for +5v and sensorground and fan relay.

Power for injectors, ignition, boost solinoid, ecu and fan comes from the fuseblock. Power to fuelpumps are in the back with the battery.

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Looking very tidy Christoffer. I would have done away with the screw block terminals and used a crimp splice to break out the power and sensor supplies, but the way you've done it will make any future modifications much easier.

Make sure your main relay is up to the task of handling all the circuit current, as the fuel pump current runs through it aswell.

Construction looks great, very tidy, easy to ready and install, nice job :-).

Thanks Zac appreciate the criticism and pretty satisfied with it. Next time now after watching club level harness course and learned ne stuff im gonna use txl insted of pvc :) but pretty hard to find here in sweden/europe :/

I used the screw terminal block just beause like you said easier to install something new like a new sensor for example :)

The main relay should handle upp to 200Amps what i have read and when i measured its about 25-30A with the fan on. And the fuelpumps don´t go through the main relay, they have separate relays near battery that the ecu controls.

Thanks again :)

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