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When is twisting ok and not okay?

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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I have a loom in progress (EFI into a classic car). I previously twisted wires before purchasing the course. I have done so as your video instructs. I currently have twisted pairs of wires running to each injector, water temp, air temp, t.p.s and fan control. They all splice off in their relevant places near a branch. It looks very tidy but will this function as it should? Would it help or impede it working correctly? Signal interference is my concern. Crank position to a VR sensor is a separately suppressed twin core cable fitted off the reel running along side all the other wires but the opposite side of the engine bay to the coil wiring and HT leads.



I don't believe the twisting you describe will make any measurable difference.

Is the VR sensor wiring shielded? and grounded on one side only?

I'll second what David said

Thanks guys. Yes the wiring is shielded and grounded at one end only.

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