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Wiring digital dashes

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Dear friends,

Would you kindly elaborate on how to wire a dash. For instance, I am runing a Motec600 and a C127 dashand I want to display certain sensors like temp, boost and speed. In this case, how to get the signal to the dash? Also, do Motec dashes require wiring to all sensors assigned? I am asking because I am swapping a LS2 on my vehicle.

Thank you,


Follow the wiring diagrams in the M600 and C127 manuals for CAN bus wiring (ie, use a terminator resistor at each end of the bus, use twisted wiring, follow the maximum lengths).

Your MoTeC dealer should be able to help you configure that, but basically with the C127 Dash Manager, under Inputs->Communications you select the M400/600/800 template on the correct CAN bus, and configure the M600 (using ECU Manager) to transmit the standard messages. You can then configure the C127 to display any of the channels received from the M600.

Generally, the engine sensors will connect to the ECU, then share that information with the C127 dash.

Thank you David. This was helpful.