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Wiring for bimodal air intake

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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Hey guys not sure if I am in the right section ( newbe) or if anyone can help but here goes I have a vf v8 commodore it has bimodal exhaust and I have brought a second hand hsv bimodal air intake which I am wanting to wire up to open and close .it has a 2 wire plug I could wire it up to a vacuum switch but would prefer to connect so when bimodal exhaust is open the bimodal air intake opens .the flap is normally closed. Attached is a wiring diagram from hsv . Any help would be appreciated on how to go about this things I need to look out for

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It looks pretty straight forward - The inlet flap actuator looks like it connects directly rather than being actuated via a relay. The pin is pin 12 which is right next to the exhaust flap. I'm not sure what else I can offer here?

Hey Andre thanks for that i thought it could be wired up to the 87a on the relay being that the exhaust is powered closed and the inlet flap is powered open ( the dangers of a little bit of knowledge) I am guessing the pin you are talking about is in the box attached to the left hand side of the car beside the muffler and not the actual exhaust bimodal itself

Hey Andre I am not sure if you are on the right track I have a 2017 vf commodore and I am trying to connect the hsv 340 kw air intake with the flap to my vf the picture i posted is of the hsv wiring diagram which i do not have . I am guessing I have to find the trigger to the exhaust bimodal and then work from there the exhaust bimodal is powered close and the intake is powered open if you or anyone else can help it would be very much appreciated

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