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Constructing Support Ribs

3D Modeling & CAD for Motorsport

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I'm attempting to design my first part in Fusion 360, it's a very simple part but it is obviously taking me a lot of time to get it to where I am at. What I have finally got really stuck on is adding support ribs to the back face of my part. I want 2 ribs, one at the left face and one at the right face. I am just not understanding the correct way to get the rub to fill in against the face of my part. I've attached the file for reference. Any help is appreciated.

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Could you upload a picture or drawing of what your are trying to model, I've had a look at the file but not sure exactly where you want these supporting ribs. Thanks

Thanks Ben, pic attached. I want to get 2 ribs fitted, running from the top mounting ear down to the lower mounting ear, just inside the radiused corner, on the back face.

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Hi Josh, sorry for the delayed reply

check out this screen recording, is that roughly what you were after?

there's a few different ways to approach it

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Happy Holidays Connor,

Your clip is exactly what I was trying to accomplish.

I kept trying to do the task with the "rib" tool button. I will utilize the "Project" tool instead.


It's probably possible with the "web" tool as well I think, but a sketch using the project or intersect tool and then an extrude of this profile would be the easiest

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