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Hi, I found an STL for a Honda Distributor Cap and imported it to Fusion 360 as Mesh and converted it. I saw some imperfections and I was editing it and I cant make that small part (see picture) to be filled without gap. What's the easiest way? Im new to Fusion 360. Thanks


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You might be able to use the Patch tool in the surface toolbar, where you can preference from "continuity" to "tangent" or "curvature" to control the shape of the face.

Then if you use the stitch surface tool you should be able to merge it all into a solid body.

Otherwise, maybe a loft could work.

Let us know how you get on and feel free to attach the design file and I can have a go and see what works

I tried to do the patch and loft tool, but because there are so many edges from the original mesh that I keep getting an error. I uploaded the file. I do keep on experimenting though. Thanks

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have a look at what i've done here, took a bit of mucking around to make it work.

Essentially a surface loft using the curve from your sketches down the bottom to suit the profile on one side then a patch on the other.

The I had to add thickness to each one and combine them with the solid body.

one side just didn't want to cooperate because of how the mesh was, so I had to get creative.

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Thanks Connor, I 3d printed your work and found out its not aligned with the holes! so instead of editing this mesh, I just made a new project. It was easier than editing the mesh body. I watched again your course because I forgot to do some of it, but eventually I made it. Thanks for your help and reply.

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