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Too much too fast (Module 3D Sketching)

3D Modeling & CAD for Motorsport

Relevant Module: Solid Modelling Basics > 3D Sketching

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In the module introducing 3D sketching, at 02:40, the instructor quickly creates a construction line while simultaneously changing the view in ways I have not seen demonstrated. In twenty seconds he appears to click on numerous icons and entities without explanation.

I will go back and review construction lines & constraints, but this module moves much, much too fast.

Hi Michael. Understand what you are saying, Sometimes it's a bit tricky for us to convey how something is done without making the module very very long and slow.

What happens here is after I select the construction line setting in the pallet, I rotate the model with my mouse to view it from a different angle. Then I select the line tool and set the start point for the line.

This is probably where it gets a little confusing, with the line half complete I actually rotate the model again by clicking the top view on the icon in the top right corner of the screen before completing the line.

3D sketches are actually quick tricky although they are early in the course, It might be worth moving forward and then coming back to review it all again as you get more familiar. The main point to take away is the active plane can be changed while you're sketching

I would agree with the original post. This course does a really good job of explaining what can be done with Fusion 360, but lacks in the actual "how to". Unfortunately for me, I have waited to long to actually watch through this one to refund it. My suggestion would be less time looking at the instuctor talking and incorporate that into the time spent in the application and showing the steps rather than the "fast forward" feel that the actual time with the steps show. Just my 2 cents.

appreciate the feedback guys. As HPAs first look into the CAD realm there's no doubt going to be room for fine tuning.

We've got a lot of CAD courses and webinars on the horizon, so I'll be keeping this in mind.

Also hoping to readdress this course eventually and bring it up to date as CAD is an area that's always developing.

Different people are going to learn at different speeds, and very likely to struggle at different points.

As such, I'd suggest using multiple sources for understanding the use of the software, with a number of providers on YT, for example.

It's not uncommon for people using this s/ware, or any other CAD, to "click" if someone else takes a slightly different approach, or even something as basic as sentence structure.

I agree with the OP, I have fusion and experience and I was blown away how something are just blasted through in the process, it sucks being in the country with a crappy internet connection and trying to rewind and pause to only get shafted by the internet cos trying to keep up with building a wheel spacer for the fist time in cad is 30 seconds. Yes, everyone learns at a variety of speeds, but this is sold as an introduction to CAD. I also agree, Yt has a ton of content, even from fusion themselves, to help along.

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