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20AWG tefzel in a size 22 contact?

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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Just wondering if I'm going to be pushing the proverbial up hill trying to get 20AWG tefzel into a size 22 autosport contact?

I can see HERE that the maximum conductor diameter for a size 22 contact is .79mm.

It looks like the maximum diameter for 22759/32 20awg is .90mm according to THIS SPEC SHEET.

I guess I'm after some real world confirmation that either I can get away with it, or that I need to go back to the drawing board.


It's the proverbial - however, and it's generally bad practice*, you may get away with carefully trimming some of the wired back and doing that way, if you're staying within the current limits and doing it to minimise voltage drop - I have done something similar for that reason.

*I wouldn't do it unless it was an emergency patch job to get the car home, or useable for an event and there wasn't the correct gauge wire available, or time/availability to get it done correctly..

Thanks mate. I'm starting from scratch so I'll rethink my power routing :)

Depending on the compnent manufacturer you go for, you should find some connectors are available with a mixture of both "22" and larger pin arrangements.

If you're looking at both data and power circuits that use stepping, or pulse width control, it's probably be a good idea to use them with separate connectors to give some air-gap and less chance of inductive interference, anyway.

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