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22AWG Wire for Engine Harness

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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I'm planning to build an engine harness for a Honda K series engine with 22AWG Tefzel wire all around except the ignition coil power and ground and starter solenoid. From what I've gathered, the saturated injectors, alternator exciter, and VTC solenoid should be OK with 22AWG (please correct me if I'm wrong). Since a majority of the harness is going to be 22AWG, I've chosen a bulkhead connector that will only accept size 22 pins. Since I will have to run x2 #22 wires for each of the ignition coil power and ground wires, and x4 #22 wires (can I get away with only x3?) for the starter solenoid, where is it typically best to splice the wires into one #20 wire? Would it be right behind the bulkhead connector, or at the branch point closest to the component?

I build almost everything out of 22awg as well. Given the low duty of the starter solenoid I'd personally be OK with 2 strings of tefzel, though I'd splice them to an 18 awg over a 20, I also tend to splice 3 or 4 inches the strain relief for the bulkhead connector.

Double check the bulkhead connector, while the pins may be "22", there is normally a 3 or 4 range of sizes it is accptable to use. If the bulkhead data doesn't have it, look at the pins it uses and check those on the manufacturer's site.

You may still want to use 22 gauge, but it will give you options if needing a larger gauge for amperage or voltage drop reasons.

Appreciate the info. Thank you.

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